Almaden Light Rail Station, San Jose, California San Jose's Almaden LRT station looks rather dead on a Sunday afternoon.

Taking a bus to the end of the line––Almaden Light Rail Train Station––all passengers other than me exited a few stops before the finish line.

The bus driver called out the last stop on the route as if the bus were full, but it wasn't. There was just me and I was sitting right next to him. I commented that it was strange to arrive at a station where there wasn't a single person anywhere. In response, he reminded me that "church was just getting out now."

I reverted to silence, preferring not to confront a stranger with the irrelevance of his words.

I collected my bike from the bus' bike rack and continued on my journey, noticing that there was no dearth of traffic on the adjacent streets, remembering that there had been plenty of traffic along the rest of the bus' route.

And that's OK!